Gastronomy, wines and oils and local products

Terra Alta cuisine is a cuisine with roots and tradition, but also adaptation to new times and which wants, from absolute respect for ancestors, to project an image of absolute contemporaneity. With a wide variety of products that are part of the agricultural tradition and that are local, a combination of classic and typical elements with an innovative elaboration that provides a new approach to the gastronomy of the area playing with textures, aromas and techniques.

Each season is a range of culinary possibilities with vegetables, greens and fruits from our carefully cultivated fields that vary according to the seasonality and the optimal time of harvest and consumption. It is cooked with pork, lamb, rabbit and poultry, products that have always been part of everyday life and the recipe of farmers, shepherds and producers who keep alive the tradition of livestock.

How to forget the clotxa, a rustic but current dish, where the soul of tradition is embodied in an unforgettable creation.

We sweeten meals with pastries and pastas made with the most natural ingredients, including nuts, from family dry land crops, grown with the utmost respect for our environment.

The leitmotif of our cuisine is the culture and tradition of wine and oil. Terra Alta wines are made with different varieties of black and white grapes, they are wines that enjoy elegance and body, power, complexity and high expression.

The autochthonous varieties vary from the white, hairy and fine Grenache to morenillo and carignan. Wine production is protected by the Terra Alta Designation of Origin; Among the wines of the DO stands out especially the white Grenache, a variety that greatly defines the oenological physiognomy of the Terra Alta, as one third of the world production of this grape comes from the vineyards of Terralt. We also enjoy a diverse range of red wines with personality and a very high color with fruity notes. Terra alta is currently one of the most prized wines in Catalonia, for its unique identity, its quality is recognized in prestigious national and international competitions and the most rigorous specialized guides give them high qualifications.

Oil is the second element of this common thread that unites local products and gastronomy in a set that includes tradition and modernity. Considered the gold of our land is characterized by having a slightly sweet taste and a very characteristic spicy point. It is certainly an irreplaceable element of our gastronomic culture. the oils of the region are protected by the Protected Designation of Origin Terra Alta, which hosts the main variety grown in the Terra Alta, the Empeltre.

You will also be able to find other products made in the region that you need to savor quietly and experience the pleasures of the palate. Honey, jams, pâtés, olives, asparagus, chocolates, vermouths, spirits and many others make up a handful of delicacies that you will not be able to miss.

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Made in the Tera Alta. We tour the region to discover the products linked to the landscape and our history. And get to know the producers, who maintain the essence of the gastronomic richness of our house. You can find out more here

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