Fairs and parties

The major festivities are one of the best times to visit the villages of the Terra Alta, the oldest and most traditional typical events that keep alive the identity of these villages.

In all the municipalities you will find remarkable festivals and fairs; the Honey party (Arnes), les wine festivals and fairs (Batea, Gandesa), la oil festival (Bot i la Fatarella), Dolça tardor (Horta de Sant Joan), Pinellart (Pinell de Brai), the festival ofbrandy (Prat de Comte) and the almond festival. La Pobla de Massaluca fills the calendar of varied events in our municipalities.

The cultural manifestations are very much alive and noticeable in the Terra Alta. Theater groups, jota groups, bands, grallers, giants, etc. they permeate the region with a cultural environment that enriches coexistence and encourages the reception of people.