Flowers of the Earth

Work: Flowers of the Earth

Autor: Josep Ferré

Material: Stone

Comment on the work:

Flowers created with stones, one of the most abundant materials in the Terra Alta, and which symbolize the hardness and resistance of the territory.

Like all flowers, they also proudly display their delicate beauty. Its inner marks appeal to the values of a person, my father, who loved and valued this territory with passion: NOBILITY, HOSPITALITY, STRENGTH, GENEROUSNESS, KINDNESS, WISDOM.

Values that, at the same time, are the characteristic features of many people in the Terra Alta. They may not see each other at first glance, but they do meet over time. Values that, if you look for them carefully, you will find them chiseled inside each of these delicate stone flowers.

Way from Gandesa to Corbera d’Ebre: