• Localització: Senderisme al voltant dels municipis
  • Municipalities: Bot – Prat de Comte
  • Distància: 5,73 Km
  • Tipus: Lineal
  • Dificultat: Difícil
  • Duration:
  • How to get there: You have to leave from the town of Bot
  • Description: The route, which starts at the old train station of Bot, presents a great panorama of the Terra Alta throughout the ascent and a high quality landscape with unique geological formations. The route culminates at the top of the Roca del Migdia (621 m) from where you can enjoy an unbeatable view of the Terra Alta. The best time to do the route is in the spring, as we may see the hole. of the Maiden. During the summer, the hottest hours should be avoided. The final stretch of the route is an open area, so climbing on windy days is not recommended.

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Download the track where you can see all the information about the route.