Work: Dressed

Author: Josep Mª Teixidó Camí

Material: Iron

600 x 300 x 60 cm


Born in Espluga Calba, Lleida. He has lived and had his workshop in Badalona since 1965.

Graduated in Sculpture and Interior Design and graduated in Sculpture at the UB.

He was a teacher of Sculpture at the Escola Massana in Barcelona from 1978 to 2011.

His personal work, worked in conceptual series such as: Of Mutant Nature , Lethargy , Tylopsis , Volaverunt i You find , it has evolved from a geometrizing symbolism to its own syntax that intertwines poetic echoes, austerity of forms and expressiveness of materials. From the series Memento , incorporates ethical approaches. With Time of Sibyls proposes a diaphanous sculpture like prose. Currently with Silence time, as a result of his friendship with Marius Sampere, he raises existential themes in sculpture.

He has shown his sculptures of stone, wood, iron and organic materials in 34 individual exhibitions and in more than 150 groups, in private galleries and public spaces.

It has about fifteen indoor and outdoor public sculptures in Badalona, Portugal, Ecuador, South Korea, Lebanon, Taiwan, Puerto Rico and Batea.

In 2005 he co-founded, with Cinto Santamera and Pilar Miquela, the center tallerBDN of Sculpture of Badalona and remains the president of the association and the director of the workshopBDN.

He is co-author, with Santamera, of the sculpture books: The Carving Wood Sculpture – 1996 i Stone sculpture – 2000, published by Ed. Parramón SA of Barcelona, published in 10 languages.

Road from La Pobla de Massaluca to Batea: