• Location: Ports Natural Park
  • Municipalities: Horta de Sant Joan
  • Distància: 8,02 Km
  • Type: Circular
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration:
  • How to arrive: From Horta de Sant Joan, take the T-330 towards Arnes, and after about 200m follow a sign on the left that says “Els Ports”. After 9.5 km, we reach the recreational area of La Franqueta
  • Description:Itinerary that runs along the left bank of the river Estrets, then cross the river and go up to the Lliberós farmhouse, in ruins, and the Coll de Valera, by a path that passes ambushed by the foot of the smooth rock to finally go down to the monument to the ranger and return to the recreation area. The last section is not signposted and you have to be careful because there are tall plants that make it difficult to cross.

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