• Localització: Senderisme al voltant dels municipis
  • Municipis: Corbera D’Ebre
  • Distància: 6,10 Km
  • Type: Circular
  • Dificultat: Fàcil
  • Duration:
  • How to get there: You have to leave from the town of Corbera d’Ebre
  • Description: Route that goes through the most emblematic landscapes of Corbera. It starts in the Plaza Dr. Ferran and passes by the old washing fountain, one of the best preserved in the region. It then passes gently between orchards and vineyards, at the foot of the Sierra de Cavalls, until it enters the wetland of Les Roquetes, where you can discover the riparian vegetation that surrounds the river Sec. Finally, on the way back to the village, it is bordered by a field of ancient olive trees

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