• Localització: Senderisme al voltant dels municipis
  • Municipis: Caseres
  • Distància: 5,77 Km
  • Type: Circular
  • Dificultat: Fàcil
  • Duration:
  • How to get there: You have to leave from the town of Caseres
  • Description: The route stands out for being a pleasant walk overlooking the meanders drawn by the river Algars, a natural border with Aragon. From the top of the Gessera you can see the ravines of olive trees that descend to the valley, which create chromatic mosaics along with the vineyards located on the banks of the river. The area where the route passes is dotted with Iberian remains, from ancient settlements to burial mounds. At the top of the hill, there is the protohistoric site of La Gessera, completely restored and with interpretive panels, witness to one of the best sunsets in the Terra Alta, from where you can see the façade of the Ports tinged with ocher when evening falls. The best time to do the route is in the spring, as the river Algars shines the waters it collects from the Parc Natural dels Ports. During the summer, the hottest hours should be avoided.

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